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Prop Trading Firms with MetaTrader Platform

Recent regulations from MetaQuotes have led many proprietary trading firms to limit their offerings to traders based in the United States, posing challenges for American forex traders. However, not all prop firms have felt the brunt of these updates to the MetaTrader platforms. In this guide, we will offer an up-to-date list of prop firms that continue to support MetaTrader for their trading activities. Let’s explore further!

MetaQuotes Banning MetaTrader for Prop Firms

Following True Forex Funds shutdown on February 2, MetaQuotes stopped supporting several prop trading firms that were operating without proper licenses. These firms provided MT4 and MT5 services to US clients via partnerships with white-label broker companies. Consequently, firms without official regulation, working under a less formal arrangement known as gray-label licensing, ceased offering MT4 and MT5 services to US clients.

Several prop trading firms have permanently stopped offering their services to US-based clients. However, there are still a few firms that have only terminated MT4 and MT5 services for US traders. These companies are now transferring clients accounts to alternative trading platforms such as cTrader, Match Trader, and DXTrade. 

List of Prop Trading Firms Still Offering MetaTrader

Despite the mentioned disruptions, traders must know that opportunities to trade on the MetaTrader platform have not vanished entirely. A select number of prop trading firms have overcome these challenges and are continuing to offer their clients access to MetaTrader. Below is a list of these firms:

Prop Trading Firms with MetaTrader Platform Access
Aqua Funded
Blue Guardian
Funding Traders
Surge Trader
Funded Next
For Traders
Alpha Capital Group

*Last update: 06/03/2024

As the trading landscape adapts to these shifts, it’s essential for traders, especially those impacted in the US, to stay informed and flexible.

Remember! This list will be periodically updated to reflect any changes, ensuring traders have access to the most current information. Stay tuned for updates, and consider exploring the offerings of these firms as you adapt to the evolving trading landscape.

*Please note: the situation can change, so always verify the latest status directly with the prop trading firms.