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MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5

Standard chances in Prop

Chances in Prop with Prop Account Protector™

What to start with?

3 simple steps to get started

What to start with?

3 simple steps to get started


What is Prop Account Protector™?

Prop Account Protector™ is a financial security measure tool developed to shield prop trading accounts from unpredictable market movements and potential losses – acting as a strategic ally rather than just a safety net.

Prop Account Protector™ will increase your chances in prop trading challenges. The forex market is a place where risk is an inherent element. The Prop Account Protector™ functions as a risk management tool, assisting traders in controlling and minimizing the risks associated with their operations.


How to install it on MT4/MT5?

Installing ‘Prop Account Protector™’ is a simple and quick process – If you still don’t have this unique tool to secure your Prop Trading account, download it for free. In the designated field, enter and then verify your email address. After successful verification, a button to download Prop Account Protector will be displayed.

To install the Expert Advisor (EA) – Prop Account Protector™ – on the MetaTrader 4 platform, follow a few simple steps in the video for the effective addition and configuration of the software. This process involves downloading and transferring the necessary files to the MetaTrader 4 folder, followed by activating the EA on the selected currency chart.


How to use Prop Account Protector™?

The next step to ensure that Prop Account Protector™ functions correctly and according to our intention is its configuration. Configuration is divided into 2 stages: internal configuration and external panel configuration. You need to do this to fully utilize the features of our tool.

Key features include ‘Account Protector’ and ‘Progress Tracker,’ enabling precise management and monitoring of positions. Each of these functions offers unique tools allowing customization of the EA’s operation to meet the requirements of the Challenge and your risk management strategy.

About the program

Discover the Key Features of the Tool

  • Auto closure at daily & overall profit targets
  • Close all orders at the specified time
  • Auto 'Daily Loss' cut-off feature
  • News calendar displayed on the chart
  • Live preview of prop challenge goals

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Created by: fxprop Development

The latest program update: 19.01.24

Account protector
Progress tracker
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Add-on pack

  • Dedicated settings for Prop Account Protector™ for multiple Prop trading firms.
  • Detailed program documentation in .PDF format.

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Frequently asked questions

What advantages does using Prop Account Protector™ give me?

The idea of creating the “Prop Account Protector™” was born from the desire to increase the chances of success in prop trading challenges. The “Account Protector” and “Progress Tracker” features play a key role, enabling you to precisely manage and monitor positions. Each of these functions offers unique tools, allowing you to customize the EA’s operation to suit the requirements of the Challenge and your risk management strategy.

Do I need to have a VPS to use Prop Account Protector™?

Using a VPS is recommended but not mandatory. With a VPS, while using the PAP, we ensure the continuous operation of the program. Having MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 running on a VPS allows it to operate 24/7, ensuring that the robot won’t reset, providing accurate calculation of all parameters.

I already had trades open today before I launched Prop Account Protector™, is that a problem?

For the EA to correctly calculate your Day Loss Max Value before the “Next daily loss reset in” time, NO position should be closed or currently open on the account. The EA is unable to check your Max Daily Loss when it has not been able to continuously monitor your account.

However, if such a situation has already occurred, then:

1) On a given day, you can freely use all other functions not related to Daily Loss

2) Keep the program running constantly until the next Daily Loss Reset Time or remember to run it the next day before opening your first positions.

How exactly does the Daily Loss Limit work in the Progress Tracker?

Daily Loss Limit shows the lowest point our temporary loss on the account reached within the time frame between resets determined by “Next daily loss reset in.” The calculation method is defined by the internal parameter “Method of calculating daily loss level,” while the value next to “/from” is based on the “Method of calculating daily loss base.

I've thought of an improvement for Prop Account Protector™, can you implement it?

If you have any ideas for improvements or have noticed any issues with the program, feel free to send your feedback to the email address: Your opinion is important to us and will assist in continuous program enhancement.