Certification Program

We conduct meticulous evaluations of top prop firms, awarding certification to those that meet the highest standards.


The certification process

STEP 0 1

The certification journey begins with an application, but this isn’t the sole method we use to identify potential firms for certification. Our team evaluates not only the firms that apply but also actively seeks out and assesses top prop firms during our research process. We prioritize firms that offer the highest level of security and potential for traders, making our selections based on objective and established criteria. Not every firm qualifies for our certification – we only consider those that meet our stringent standards.

STEP 0 2
Pre-audit self-assessment (PASA)

The second step involves a pre-audit control process conducted before the formal audit – a phase particularly crucial for top prop firms. In the context of prop trading firms, it’s essential that procedures and rules strictly adhere to current regulations. Auditors may examine various aspects, including the firm’s financial statement analysis, regulatory compliance, transaction rules, and the credibility checks of liquidity providers to guard against potential manipulation.

STEP 0 3
Firm Audit and Evaluation

At this stage, we assess the overall operational profile of the firm, analyzing individual products and operations. All top prop firms with potential for certification are put to the test by real users acting as mystery clients. We value transparency – our analysis profile is open and consists of hundreds of key points. The complete list of verified sub-points can be found below.

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STEP 0 4

After completing the audit, we decide whether to grant certification to the top prop firms. Our criteria for this decision are consistent and apply uniformly to all firms. However, undergoing the audit does not automatically guarantee certification – it is the comprehensive evaluation of all essential aspects that ultimately determines our certification decision.


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