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True Forex Funds Relaunched with cTrader

True Forex Funds recently suspended its services due to the unexpected termination of its license by MetaQuotes. Despite this temporary setback, the Hungary-based prop trading firm has successfully returned and has launched cTrader.

True Forex Funds’ New Chapter with cTrader

True Forex Funds (TFF) has officially relaunched and introduced the prop trading industry to an all-new, branded cTrader platform. The platform promises a reliable and stable environment, ensuring users can stay ahead of the curve in evolving prop landscape.

In line with the transition, TFF notified traders that migrating to cTrader is both complimentary and mandatory to continue trading activities with TFF. The exception is US citizens, as the cTrader platform is not available in this region.

About cTrader

cTrader offers a comprehensive trading platform solution for forex and CFD brokers, enriching traders’ experiences with its wide array of features, including:

  • advanced charting tool
  • ultra-fast order execution
  • a user-friendly interface
  • market-leading spreads

True Forex Funds assures current account holders a smooth transition to the cTrader platform, enabling them to pick up trading right where they left off with their existing balance. Concurrently, the firm will also initiate the processing of payouts while new accounts will be issued on the robust cTrader platform.

Understanding the need for guidance on the new platform, TFF has also compiled a dedicated guide for traders who are new to cTrader. Access this invaluable resource right here.