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Prop Trading for US Clients! Where Can You Trade? [GUIDE]

In recent times, the prop trading industry has experienced a notable shift. MetaQuotes – the company behind the MetaTrader platform, has decided to limit its access for traders in the US, primarily due to the strict regulations in the USA. This move has presented obstacles for many prop firms and has sparked discussions regarding the future of prop trading.

In response to this evolving landscape, we aim to provide US-based traders with a valuable list of prop firms that have successfully navigated the challenges and are currently open to welcome them.

Prop Firms’ Response to Market Restrictions

Due to Meta Quotes’ decision to limit access to US traders, some proprietary trading firms have been adversely affected – especially those that relied fully on the MT platforms.

As a result of this restriction, several prop firms have had to adapt to the changes by exploring alternative trading platforms such as DXtrade, MatchTrader, or cTrader. This has been a necessary adjustment to maintain business continuity and ensure that traders can continue to access reliable trading platforms.

Below you will find a list of prop trading firms that either restrict, temporarily restrict, or allow US traders to use their services. This comprehensive list is maintained with the latest information and will be updated with any upcoming changes.

Current Status of Prop Trading Firms for US Traders:

RestrictedRestricted until further noticeAllowed
Aqua Funded
True Forex Funds
Funded Next
Glow Node
Alpha Capital Group
Maven Trading
Funding Traders
Smart Prop Trader
Surge Trader (temporarily offline)
E8 Markets
Blue Guardian
Bespoke Funding Program
Instant Funding
Funding Pips

*Last update: 14/03/2024

Navigating New Opportunities in Prop Trading

For US-based traders, this evolving scenario underscores the importance of staying informed and adaptable. By selecting a prop firm from the list provided, traders can continue to engage in the prop market. This guide, which will be continually updated, serves as a starting point for those looking to navigate the changes within the prop trading sphere.

Remember, while the current restrictions may pose challenges, they also open up new opportunities for innovation and growth within the industry. Traders and firms alike are encouraged to embrace these changes as an opportunity to strengthen their focus on regulatory compliance and adaptability.

Stay tuned to this space for ongoing updates!