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Instant Funding: A New Era Begins [2024 Updates]

Since its launch in 2023 from the heart of London, UK, Instant Funding (IF) has rapidly evolved to become a leading prop firm. This year marks a new era for Instant Funding with significant updates to enhance the trading experience. Let’s explore the exciting changes IF has in store for its traders!

Improved Trading Conditions

Static Drawdown Model: Instant Funding has revamped its challenge structures, now exclusively running One-phase, Two-phase, and Three-phase challenges on a static drawdown model. 

One-Phase Challenges: The One-phase challenges now feature a 5% static drawdown, providing traders with more flexibility and freedom to execute their trading plans effectively. 

Account Adjustments: In a strategic move, Instant Funding has phased out the $12,500 accounts. Instead, they now offer $10,000 accounts at a more accessible entry point of just $79.

New Dashboard

The new dashboard at Instant Funding represents a significant leap forward, combining enhanced style, speed, and functionality. This user-friendly interface is designed to streamline the trading process, providing traders with all the tools and information they need at their fingertips. The improved dashboard is not just about aesthetics; it’s about boosting efficiency and ensuring a seamless trading experience.

Turbocharged Support

Acknowledging the crucial role of support in trading success, IF has overhauled its backend support processes. The result? A faster, more responsive, and even more helpful support system that ensures traders receive the assistance they need promptly.


Starting in June, Instant Funding introduces several customizable options to cater to diverse trading needs. Traders can now enjoy faster payouts, better profit splits, higher leverage, and commission-free trading. These new features are designed to provide traders with greater control over their trading conditions, aligning with their unique strategies and goals.

First-Ever Instant Funding Tournament

Adding a competitive edge to the trading experience, Instant Funding is launching its first-ever tournament in June. This exciting event will allow traders to showcase their skills, compete for rewards, and gain recognition within the trading community.

In-House Payout Methods

To enhance the speed and convenience of transactions, IF now offers in-house bank transfers and crypto payouts. This development ensures that traders can access their funds more quickly and efficiently, embodying the firm’s commitment to an “instant” experience.

Pass Assistance Feature

In a bid to simplify the process for traders, Instant Funding has introduced a pass assistance feature. This innovative tool will automatically close trades and upgrade accounts once traders hit their profit targets on One-phase, Two-phase, and Three-phase accounts. This automation reduces manual intervention, allowing traders to focus on what they do best – trading.

Instant Funding’s latest updates underscore its commitment to providing a superior trading environment. By focusing on improved conditions and innovative features, IF is well on its way to setting new standards in the industry.