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About The Trading Pit (TTP)

The Trading Pit (TTP) is a prop trading company committed to helping traders succeed. Founded by experienced traders and investors, the company uses advanced technology to support success in global markets.

Located in Liechtenstein, The Trading Pit was recognized in 2022 as the fastest-growing and most trusted prop trading company in Europe, and the best Futures prop trading company. It provides opportunities to trade over 500 financial instruments.

What Are The Trading Pit Account Sizes?

The Trading Pit offers tailored challenges and account sizes to suit different trading preferences, whether you’re trading Forex or Futures.

For those trading Forex, The Trading Pit provides account balances ranging from €10,000 to €100,000. To take the challenge, the cost varies based on the account size: €99 for the smallest account and up to €999 for the largest account.

If you’re trading Futures, the account balances are between $20,000 and $250,000. The price to enter the Futures challenge starts at €99 for the smaller account and goes up to €599 for the largest account.

Once you pass the evaluation phase and get funded, your account balance has the potential to grow up to €5,000,000 following The Trading Pit’s scaling plan. This allows you to significantly increase your trading capital and profit potential.

A key benefit of The Trading Pit challenges is that your trading fee is refundable upon successfully passing the evaluation phase. This ensures that your initial investment in taking the challenge is returned, providing an added incentive to succeed.

By choosing the appropriate challenge and account size, traders can effectively leverage The Trading Pit’s resources to maximize their growth and earnings in both Forex and Futures markets.

Start Your Career in 3 Steps with TTP

The Trading Pit offers a straightforward, three-step process to kickstart your trading career and maximize your earnings.

Step 1: Take the TTP Challenge

Begin by proving your trading skills through the TTP Challenge. Meet TTP’s trading objectives to successfully pass this initial test and demonstrate your potential.

Step 2: Access Your TTP Earning Account

Once you pass the challenge, you’ll gain access to your TTP earning account. Here, you’ll trade on demo accounts using virtual assets. Deliver trading signals and progress through account levels. You can retain up to 80% of your profits, allowing you to grow your account and maximize your earnings.

Step 3: Scale Up to €5M

With no trading limits, you can scale up your account to €5 million. Start earning from Day 5, achieve your targets, and receive your payments the following Friday. This structure supports continuous growth and significant earning potential for dedicated traders.

By following these steps, you can build a successful trading career with TTP, leveraging their advanced technology and robust support system.How To Get 10% Off The Trading Pit?

How To Get 10% Off The Trading Pit?

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