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Fxprop Welcomes Six New Prop Firms

At fxprop, we constantly work to improve and expand our services, making sure traders everywhere have access to the best Prop Trading tools. Today, we are excited to announce the addition of six new prop firms to our platform, expanding our users’ opportunities.

Introducing the New Prop Firms

Our platform, known for its innovative tools like Find My Prop and Compare Prop, has now expanded its list to include six new prop names:

  • Instant Funding
  • Funding Traders
  • AquaFunded
  • Glow Node
  • GOAT Funded Program

These prop firms have been meticulously selected to join our platform. Let’s get to know these new firms better!

Instant Funding

Instant Funding is a prop firm and trading educator based in the UK. The company offers a unique trading experience for those looking to rapidly scale their careers. Instant Funding offers a program to quickly identify and support talented traders aiming for success. This program includes the Two, One, and Instant Challenges, each tailored to accommodate different levels of trading experience and ambition.

Instant Funding Challenge Highlights:

Instant ChallengeThis option removes the pressure of daily drawdowns, making it ideal for traders who thrive under less restrictive conditions. It features no time limits, 1:100 leverage, and allows scaling up to $1.28 million. The program offers a generous profit split between 70% and 90%, with a 10% Smart Drawdown and no set profit target, allowing traders to focus on strategy and growth.
One-PhaseFor those aiming higher, this challenge offers scaling up to $1.6 million with a 10% profit target and a manageable 3% daily drawdown. Leverage remains at 1:100, and the profit split ranges from 80% to 90%.
Two-PhaseThis challenge pushes traders further, with scaling up to $1.6 million and specific profit targets of 8% and 5% across two phases. The daily drawdown is set at 5%, maintaining the 1:100 leverage and an 80% to 90% profit split.

Instant Funding x Fxprop Special Offer

Fxprop have partnered with IF to offer an exclusive -10% discount on all Instant Funding challenges. Use the code [fxprop] to unlock this special offer!

Funding Traders

Funding Trading is a prop firm dedicated to providing traders with the necessary resources, support, and capital to succeed in the competitive Forex market. The company’s goal is to help traders reach their full potential by offering a range of services, including mentorship, educational materials, and advanced trading tools.

Funding Traders provides talented individuals with the opportunity to trade big capital and keep the profits. Their comprehensive program is designed to cater to a wide range of traders, from those just beginning their journey in the financial markets to elite retail traders seeking to manage large accounts.

At the heart of Funding Traders’ offering is a choice between one or two-step challenges. The one-step challenge focuses on achieving a 10% profit target with a 4% drawdown limit, while the two-step challenge adds a phase with a 5% / 10% target, adjusting the daily drawdown to 5%. Both challenges offer 7-14-day withdrawal options.

For those looking to push their trading career to the next level, FT introduces premium plans: Pro, Elite, and Apex. These plans not only increase the capital available for trading – up to $2,000,000 – but also include exclusive benefits such as weekly market prep webinars, quarterly trade review calls, and direct mentorship opportunities with the CEO, Stan. The base profit split at Funding Traders is 80% for the trader, with the remaining 20% going to the firm. However, traders can increase their share of the profits to even 100% by opting for an add-on at checkout.

Funding Traders x Fxprop Special Offer

Fxprop and FT have partnered to offer an exclusive -25% discount on all FT challenges. Use the code [fxprop] to unlock this special offer!


AquaFunded provides traders access to an impressive capital of up to $400,000 while retaining as much as 90% of the profit. The firm stands out by setting attainable profit targets at 8% and 4%, supporting traders in acquiring funding faster. AquaFunded offers flexibility, not imposing limitations related to trading styles.

AquaFunded offers two types of challenges: two-phase and single-phase, with balances ranging from 10k to 200k. Each challenge has its unique, underwater name, reflecting the account value – from Fish Challenge (10k) to Whale Challenge (200k). For more detailed information, visit AquaFunded website at

Glow Node

Glow Node is a prop firm based in the United Kingdom, led by CEO Sam Bradbury. The firm offers account sizes ranging from $5,000 to $200,000, accommodating various trader levels. Glow Node provides its traders with two unique funding program options: two-phase and one-phase challenge

The firm offers traders the flexibility to customize their evaluation objectives. Additionally, the firm allows for scaling up to $1,000,000, providing bi-weekly withdrawals, and offers a scalable profit split that can reach up to 90%, making it an attractive option for serious traders looking to grow their trading career. For more detailed information, visit Glow Node website at

GOAT Funded Program

Goat Funded Trader offers proprietary trading with up to $800k in funded simulation accounts. They provide one or two-phase evaluation programs, allowing traders to earn based on performance. Notable features include no time limits, profit splits up to 95%, no minimum simulated trading days, and various challenge plans catering to different levels of experience. 

They emphasize the absence of hidden rules, offer raw spreads, and allow weekend holding and news trading. Withdrawals can be on demand, with the first payout available just 24 hours after the first trade under specific conditions. For more detailed information, visit GFT website at Goat Funded Trader.


FXIFY offers options to trade up to $400,000 starting capital. Their model includes up to 90% profit split, no consistency rules, and options for one-phase, two-phase or three-phase programs tailored to trader skill levels. Challenges include meeting profit targets and adhering to drawdown limits, with opportunities for scaling up to $4,000,000. 

The firm allows a wide range of trading strategies, including the use of EAs, martingale, and grid systems, and offers bi-weekly payouts, industry-leading dashboards, and a variety of symbols to trade. For more detailed information, visit FIFY website at

Fxprop Mission

The addition of Instant Funding, Funding Traders, AquaFunded, Glow Node, GOAT Funded Program, and FIXFY to our list is a testament to our ongoing effort to provide traders with unparalleled access to the Prop Trading industry’s best resources. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your trading horizons, fxprop offers the tools, resources, and partnerships you need to succeed.

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