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A New Era: Rebranding of E8 Funding to E8 Markets

E8 Funding announced its entry into a new chapter. The prop firm underwent a significant transformation and rebranded itself as E8 Markets. This strategic move means more than a simple name change; it represents the firm’s broader vision and commitment to expanding its offering. But what does this mean for traders & how will it affect trading in E8? Let’s delve into all the changes and updates coming with firm rebranding.

E8 has decided to step away from traditional „funding” companies to embrace a vision that aligns with their future direction – becoming a Simulated Markets firm. As the company claims, the launch of E8 Markets leads a new era in simulated trading, offering career paths beyond the conventional evaluation models.

Introducing E8 Custom Evaluation Program

E8 Markets has introduced a Custom Evaluation option for both 2-step and 3-step evaluations. With this program, you can customize the profit targets, drawdown parameters & payout share. 

The Custom Evaluation program offers the ability to adjust the initial balance settings. For the 2-step evaluation, traders can choose an initial balance ranging from $5,000 to $200,000, with adjustments available every $5,000. Similarly, for the 3-step evaluation, the initial balance options start from $10,000, providing even more scope for customization.

The drawdown parameters have also been made more adaptable. Traders can set their drawdown limit from 6% to 14%, with the flexibility to adjust this parameter by 1% increments. The payout share has also been enhanced to offer a wider range of options – from 40% to 95%, adjustable in 5% increments.

Changes in Minimum Trading Days & Daily Drawdown Limit

E8 Markets has rolled out several significant updates to its trading evaluation programs. A notable change across all evaluations is the requirement of a minimum of one trading day, a shift from the previous no-day requirement. In addition, all preset evaluations now feature a reduced daily drawdown limit, moving from 5% to 4%, encouraging traders to adopt more prudent risk management strategies. 

Expanded Preset Evaluation Programs

Moreover, the firm has also expanded its account offerings within its preset evaluation programs. Traders can now choose a $5,000 account size for the 2-Step Preset Evaluation (E8 Account) and a $10,000 account size for the 3-Step Preset Evaluation (E8 Track), making the platform more accessible to a broader range of trading strategies and preferences.

New Cosmic Look

The redesigned E8 Markets website features a transparent, user-friendly interface with a space-inspired theme, reflecting the company’s commitment to openness in trading. This sleek design enhances navigation and embodies E8’s vision of exploring new frontiers in prop trading. 

The site’s visually striking palette of black, purple, and blue not only boosts its aesthetic appeal but also creates a thematic connection to the cosmos, offering an engaging and intuitive experience for visitors.

E8 Roadmap: Stay Up to Date

Stay informed about upcoming updates and delve into the E8 progress over recent years with the firm comprehensive roadmap. Discover more in the About section of the E8 Markets official website.