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Fxprop Welcomes Four New Prop Firms: AudaCity Capital, City Traders Imperium, Monevis Funding, MyFlashFunding

We are happy to announce the addition of four new prop names to our platform. With these new additions, our tools “Find My Prop” and “Compare Prop” are more useful than ever. You can easily compare a wider range of firms and discover the one that fits your trading style and goals. This means better options and smarter decisions for you.

Introducing the New Prop Firms

Our platform has now expanded its list to include four new prop firms:

  • AudaCity Capital
  • City Traders Imperium
  • Monevis Funding
  • MyFlashFunding

We’ve carefully picked these prop firms to join our platform. Let’s get to know these new firms better!

AudaCity Capital

AudaCity Capital, established in March 2012, is a forex proprietary trading firm based in London. The firm operates on a global scale, serving traders across more than 140 countries. It specializes in providing capital and trading opportunities in forex, commodities, and indices via the MT4 and MT5 platforms

AudaCity Capital offers a straightforward application process that leads successful applicants into either its Funded Trader Program or the Ability Challenge, based on the trader’s preference and skill level. In the Funded Trader Program, traders are provided with initial funding and can earn a share of the profits they generate, which encourages both profitability and a long-term commitment to trading.

The company also offers unique features like the Fast Scaling Plan, which allows successful traders to rapidly increase their trading capital up to $500,000 as they meet profit targets. This plan emphasizes the firm’s commitment to fostering growth and scaling the abilities of its traders.

In addition to financial trading, AudaCity Capital runs the Hidden Talents Program. This initiative is aimed at recruiting and training aspiring traders, providing personalized mentorship from experienced traders to help newcomers integrate into the industry effectively.

City Traders Imperium

City Traders Imperium (CTI) is a London-based proprietary trading firm co-founded by Daniel Martin and Martin Najat, who were motivated by their dissatisfaction with the operational standards of other UK prop firms. 

At the heart of CTI’s offering is a choice between a 2-step, 1-step, and No Evaluation program with funding options ranging from $2,500 to $100,000. The prices of the products are different according to the account size that you are applying to. These accounts can be scaled up to $2,000,000 as you keep having good results trading.

Depending on the product that you choose, you may get immediate funding, which applies to the Direct Funding program, or need to pass an evaluation process with 1 or 2 phases, which applies to the CTI Evaluation and CTI Challenge programs. The costs of the smaller funded account start at $39 and go up to $4,799 for the bigger direct funding account.

City Traders Imperium gives you access to a popular trading platform used by Forex brokers – MT5.

Monevis Funding

Monevis is a new Slovakia-based prop trading firm founded in 2024. Monevis offers three types of challenges: 1 step – sharp edge, 2 step – sharp edge, and 2 step – stable path with balances ranging from 5k to 200k. The price of the smallest funded account starts at $47 and goes up to $997.

Monevis operates its own MetaTrader 5 (MT5) servers with a MetaQuotes license. This means it has complete control over its trading infrastructure, ensuring reliability and security.

At Monevis, traders can request a first withdrawal on demand after their first trade from their live accounts, and all after are (every 14 days) biweekly.


Founded on April 27, 2023, and launched several months later on August 2, MyFlashFunding is led by CEO Blake Carter and based in the United States. The firm enters the proprietary trading market with an emphasis on providing flexible and accessible funding solutions for global traders.

MyFlashFunding offers two primary evaluation challenges for traders seeking funding: a one-step and a two-step evaluation. Both programs are designed to make the transition to funded trading as attainable as possible. The firm allows traders a maximum daily drawdown of 4% and a maximum loss rule of 6-8%, providing a balance between risk management and trading freedom.

MyFlashFunding positions itself as a flexible and trader-focused proprietary firm, distinguishing itself with straightforward, trader-friendly rules and a commitment to supporting diverse trading strategies. The firm’s structure allows traders to approach the market on their terms, leveraging MyFlashFunding’s capital to potentially enhance their trading outcomes.

Fxprop Mission

The addition of AudaCity Capital, Monevis Funding, City Traders Imperium & MyFlashFunding to our list is a testament to our ongoing effort to provide traders with unparalleled access to the Prop Trading industry’s best resources. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your trading horizons, fxprop offers the tools, resources, and partnerships you need to succeed.

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