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AquaFunded Introduces AQUA 2.0 – What’s Changed?

AquaFunded has recently launched AQUA 2.0 – a notable update branded as “a new wave of prop trading excellence”. This new version comes just four months after the firm’s original launch, which set high expectations within the trading community.

AquaFunded Technical Setbacks

The development of AQUA 2.0 was partly motivated by the need to address certain technical issues that emerged post-launch, affecting both traders and the company’s operations. AquaFunded has responded by reinvesting in its technology and infrastructure, aiming to enhance the overall trading experience while fixing previously identified flaws.

“In recent weeks, we’ve identified flaws within our tech, leading to some inconveniences for our traders as well as our team. As a part of your journey to success as a trader, we take these matters very seriously. That’s why we’ve made a pivotal decision to reinvest heavily into AquaFunded, to ensure we improve in all aspects. Not only addressing these flaws but presenting an even better product and service than ever before!” – explained AquaFunded.

Key Features of AQUA 2.0

So, what does AQUA 2.0 bring to the table? 

  • Enhanced Technology: The upgrade significantly enhances the technological backbone of the platform, empowering traders with more stable and powerful tools for navigating the forex markets.
  • New Trading Platforms: AquaFunded has expanded its offerings to include new platforms like
    dxTrade, TradeLocker, and cTrader. These platforms cater to diverse trading needs and preferences, giving users a range of environments to choose from.
  • Updated Website and New Certifications: The AquaFunded website has received a facelift alongside technological improvements. This update enhances user experience with a more intuitive interface and easier access to essential functions. The firm has also introduced new certifications, reflecting its commitment to comprehensive trader education and professional development.
  • Introduction of News Calendar & Feed: The updated dashboard now features a news calendar and feed, providing real-time insights and analysis. This tool helps traders make informed decisions by keeping them updated on critical market movements and financial news.

AquaFunded Commitment to Traders

Despite the sweeping changes in technology and platform options, AquaFunded has maintained its attractive Profit Split policy, continuing to offer traders a 90% share of their profits. This decision underscores the firm’s dedication to providing value to its community and fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with its users.

Limited-Time Promotional Offer

To celebrate the launch of AQUA 2.0, AquaFunded is offering a 30% discount on all accounts for a limited time. This special promotion is an invitation for both new and existing traders to explore the enhanced features of AQUA 2.0 at a reduced cost, with the firm noting that such promotions will become rarer in the future.

Overall, the release of AQUA 2.0 marks an important step for AquaFunded as it seeks to refine its service offerings and strengthen its position in the competitive prop trading market.