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AquaFunded Makes a Splash as a New Prop Trading Firm

Dive into the world of AquaFunded – a rising player in the Prop Trading arena. Though only a few months in the market, this firm has garnered significant interest among traders and numerous positive reviews on TrustPilot. So, what does AquaFunded offer?

AquaFunded allows traders access to an impressive capital of up to $400,000 while retaining as much as 90% of the profit. As a newcomer in the market, the firm stands out by setting attainable profit targets at 8% and 4%, supporting traders in acquiring funding faster.

Flexibility in Trading Styles

AquaFunded offers flexibility, not imposing limitations related to trading styles. This means traders can utilize various methods, including news trading, martingale/hedging strategies, and weekend trading. Such freedom allows traders to tailor their strategies to individual preferences and market conditions.

Transparency and Speed of Payouts

The company places a heavy emphasis on transparency, declaring no hidden rules in its operating model.Traders can expect their first withdrawal just 14 days after starting trading on their Aqua Trader account. Transactions are handled by the company’s partner,, and payouts can be made either through traditional bank transfers or in cryptocurrencies.

Market Versatility and Advanced Tools

AquaFunded enables trading in various markets, including Forex, precious metals, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. In collaboration with the experienced broker Purple Trading SC and using platforms MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader 5, the firm provides traders with access to advanced tools and a dashboard to monitor trading progress.

How to become an Aqua Trader?

To earn the title of an Aqua trader with access to a chosen capital account, like in any firm of this kind, one must complete a challenge. AquaFunded offers two types of challenges: two-phase and single-phase, with balances ranging from 10k to 200k. Each challenge has its unique, underwater name, reflecting the account value – from Fish Challenge (10k) to Whale Challenge (200k).

On the website, AquaFunded describes the process of becoming an Aqua trader in the following phases:

The Wave is the first stage of assessing traders’ skills. Success in this phase is key to advancing to the next stage. The challenge involves demonstrating trading skills and discipline in achieving set trading goals.

The Ripple is the final step to becoming a funded trader. After completing this stage and verifying the results, the participant becomes an official Aqua Trader.

As an Aqua Trader, participants have the chance to earn 90% of the generated profit. There is an option to increase the account balance according to the scaling plan, provided regular profits are made.

AquaFunded represents an attractive option for traders seeking flexible, transparent, and versatile solutions in the market. We encourage visiting the AquaFunded website to learn more about their unique offer and collaboration opportunities.