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Start Your Career in Prop Trading with fxprop

Choosing a Prop Trading firm should be based on individual trader needs and expectations. Given the wide array of such firms in the market, traders face a challenging task. This is where fxprop, a new player in the industry, steps in to revolutionize the world of Prop Trading.

Fxprop is a free platform that provides traders with support at every stage of their career. It’s the perfect place for both novice traders taking their first steps in Prop Trading, and experienced ones seeking advanced tools to aid their journey to success.

Prop Trading Tools Tailored to Your Needs

The platform offers comprehensive support in choosing the right Prop Trading firm. Tools, like Find My Prop and Compare Prop available on the website, allow traders to find the best option suited to their expectations and quickly compare firms based on many key parameters and filters.

Users start by selecting a country for initial selection. After answering all questions, the algorithm filters the list and adjusts filters according to the trader’s preferences. The results are displayed after each selection and summarized at the end.

Users can also compare Prop Trading firms from a list of available options on the site. Advanced filters narrow down the results to display only those meeting the trader’s specific conditions. The variety of filters ensures that everyone can adjust them according to their preferences.

Innovative Protection for Your Investments

The flagship tool of fxprop is the Prop Account Protector™ – a financial security measure designed to protect personal trading accounts. Prop Account Protector™ acts as a risk management system, helping to limit potential losses.

Prop Account Protector™ can be downloaded for free on the fxprop website. The package allows users to track, among other things: realized profit, overall drawdown, daily loss limit, current calendar, trading days, and a countdown to the daily loss limit reset in real-time.

A Partner in Traders’ Development

Innovative tools are not the only support fxprop offers its users. On the website, traders will find attractive discount codes, promotional offers, competitions, as well as a rich collection of educational materials published in the form of articles or video materials available on the official fxprop YouTube channel.

Quality Assurance of Prop Trading Firms

Fxprop emphasizes its commitment to providing traders with the highest level of security by introducing a certification system to its offerings. It is based on stringent guidelines aimed at the objective assessment of the activities of Prop Trading firms.

After a thorough analysis, fxprop prepares detailed reports, awarding certificates to firms that meet the highest industry standards. Thus, fxprop provides traders with an additional layer of trust, supporting them in making informed decisions about collaborating with Prop Trading firms.

Prestigious Awards in Prop Trading

The fxprop platform grants annual awards to Prop Trading firms that demonstrate an exceptional level of service, attractive offers, and support for their traders. The awards, known as fxprop Awards, aim to promote transparency, ethics, and excellence in the industry. Seven categories, including Prop Trading Firm of the Year, Best Newcomer, and Best UX, receive awards.

The nomination and selection process for the winners is thorough and multi-staged. After collecting nominations, the fxprop team conducts an initial selection of candidates. Final decisions are based on a detailed analysis of the firms, ensuring fair results.

Through comprehensive support for traders, promotion of high standards, and recognition of achievements in the industry, fxprop contributes to the development of the Prop Trading market. The platform not only facilitates traders in finding the right partner in Prop Trading but also shapes the future of the industry by focusing on transparency and ethics in its actions.