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BREAKING: The Funded Trader Is Back Under New Management

The Funded Trader, a prop trading firm that suspended operations in late March, is officially back online. Although the website’s features appear unchanged, the company has announced significant updates.

The Funded Trader New Management and Customer Service

The Funded Trader LCC, originally based in the USA, is transitioning to the Cayman Islands, changing its ownership structure and operational location of the company. Furthermore, the prop firm has claimed it is “taking steps to determine how to restructure the business so that profits are reserved for charitable causes only.”

TFT has also announced that its customer service is undergoing major enhancements, including a partnership with a leading support firm known for its industry expertise. However, the company has not disclosed specific details about which firm is involved.

Changes in The Funded Trader Offering

There have been significant changes to the offerings at The Funded Trader as well. Here’s some of them:

  • The Funded Trader has removed the swing option from all Standard, Dragon, and Rapid challenges.
  • They have also eliminated the abilities to merge accounts, change trading platforms or Challenge type after a purchase, and trade news on all Challenges.
  • They have discontinued all Standard Challenge account sizes over $200k.
  • For the Royal Challenge, they have replaced all account sizes over $200k with $5k, $10k, and $25k Challenge sizes.
  • They have removed all Dragon Challenge account sizes over $100k.

Commitment to Addressing Client Concerns

In a recent statement published on Twitter, TFT announced substantial steps towards rectifying disruptions faced by their clientele. The firm is actively processing approximately 45% of the coupons to reactivate accounts that were operational before the suspension. Additionally, they committed to processing 25% of the pending payouts by the end of April 21st.