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E8 Markets Introduces E8 Pro V.1 – What’s New?

E8 Markets shared its latest innovations: E8 Pro V.1. The firm claims that this new program redefines the evaluation process for traders, emphasizing flexibility, protection of capital, and consistent growth opportunities.

Overview of E8 Pro V.1

E8 Markets introduces E8 Pro V.1 in response to the stringent daily drawdown limits found in traditional prop trading models, which often discourage risk-taking and can abruptly end trading careers with one bad day. The firm has crafted the program to reduce these pressures, offering traders a more forgiving environment that focuses on sustainable growth.

Key Features of E8 Pro V.1

One-Phase Evaluation Process: Unlike the traditional multi-phase evaluation processes, E8 Pro V.1 simplifies the path to becoming a professional trader. Traders only need to pass a single evaluation phase to qualify for the E8 Trader Stage.

2% Daily Pause: This feature prevents traders from violating the program rules by stopping trading activity when a 2% daily drawdown is reached, thereby protecting any existing profits and allowing traders to resume the next day with a fresh perspective.

8% Maximum Drawdown: The program also sets an 8% maximum drawdown limit for the entire evaluation period, providing a substantial safety net that allows traders to recover from losses without the threat of immediate termination.

8% Profit Target: To qualify for the E8 Trader Stage, participants must reach an 8% profit target on their simulated trading account, encouraging consistent and calculated trading strategies.

Daily Maximum Profit Cap: A cap of 2% daily profit is set to discourage risky behaviors and ensure traders aim for steady, sustainable gains.

Pricing and Accessibility

E8 Pro V.1 offers a competitive entry point with access to a $100,000 simulated account for a fee of $398. This pricing is part of E8 Markets’ commitment to making high-level trading accessible to more individuals.

Continuous Improvement

E8 Markets has committed to continual enhancements based on trader feedback. Each month, the firm will update the program to reflect the needs and suggestions of its users, ensuring that E8 Pro remains at the cutting edge of proprietary trading technology.


With E8 Pro V.1, E8 Markets is setting a new standard for proprietary trading programs. Its innovative features and trader-centric approach are likely to attract a broader demographic of traders. This includes novices seeking a less daunting entry into the market as well as seasoned professionals looking for a more flexible and forgiving trading environment.