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Alpha Capital Group Introduces Telephone Support to Improve Trader Service

Alpha Capital Group has announced the upcoming launch of a new telephone support system, a direct response to community feedback highlighting the need for more accessible and immediate assistance for traders.

Operational Hours and Support Accessibility

The service, which will be available from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM GMT, allows traders to communicate directly with ACG’s support team. It aims to provide a practical solution for resolving queries and addressing technical issues and other trading-related concerns more efficiently.

The Alpha Capital Group decided to introduce telephone support to enhance its customer service capabilities by enabling direct communication between traders and support staff. The firm expects this initiative to speed up issue resolution, leading to a better trading experience overall.

Feedback-Driven Development

The trading community’s feedback influenced the decision to implement a telephone support system. ACG has emphasized that incorporating user input is a crucial aspect of their strategy to adapt their services continually. This approach aims to align the firm’s offerings more closely with user needs and preferences.

Communication and Updates

Alpha Capital Group plans to keep traders informed about the progress of the telephone support system’s implementation through regular updates. These communications will detail the development stages and provide information on the official launch date, ensuring that traders are well-prepared to utilize the new service.

About Alpha Capital Group

Alpha Capital Group is a UK-based prop trading company, offering unique opportunities for traders to grow their capital. This firm provides a dynamic platform for traders seeking a fair, flexible, and rewarding trading environment. 

ACG offers funding opportunities up to $2,000,000 for traders who can effectively respond to market conditions, and maintain profitability. For more info about the firm, check our Prop Comparer tool.