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True Forex Funds Honest Review

True Forex Funds Introduction

True Forex Funds operates a program where traders undergo a two-stage assessment. In the first stage, they must achieve an 8% profit, followed by 5% in the second phase. The rules include a daily loss limit of 5% and a total loss limit of 10%. Traders have the flexibility of no minimum trading days and can choose from various account sizes, denominated in three different currencies. Maximum sum of funds is $400,000. A separate, one-stage program demands a 10% profit within 30 days, with daily and total loss limits of 3% and 6% respectively, and a minimum of 5 trading days.

The platform offers a growth opportunity where traders can increase their funds every quarter, up to $2.5 million, by meeting certain requirements like an 8% profit over 90 days and three successful withdrawals.

Traders have access to a diverse range of assets including currencies, indices, and more. Profits are shared, with traders getting 80% of the gains.

True Forex Funds supports various payment methods including card payments, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies, with bi-weekly withdrawal processing and options like USDT and ERC20. The platform ensures transparency and does not charge extra for withdrawals.

Customer support is available all week through email and live chat, and the platform is active on social media. The website features useful tools for traders, such as a dashboard and equity simulator, and offers educational content to help users understand trading fundamentals.

2 – Phase Evaluation

Company Profile

True Forex Funds

Location of Operations:

Móricz Zsigmond rkp. 1/B. fszt. 14, 9022, Győr, Hungary

Company Info:

Date of Incorporation: October 2021

Type: Proprietary Firm

Restricted countries: Iran, North Korea, Syria

CEO: From Hungary, Richard Nagy is the Chief Executive Officer of True Forex Funds. There is very little information about him on the Internet.


Key Information

2-phase Challenge

Challenge name2 – Phase Evaluation
$100k Challenge Fee540$
FX leverage1:100
EA tradingYes
News tradingYes
Weekend holdingYes

True Forex Funds In Detail

Challenge Type

2 – Phase Evaluation

The 2 – Phase Evaluation of prop trading challenge involves two phases to qualify for a funded account. Investors can choose between EuroDollar, and Pound denominations with six account sizes. The maximum total funds available is $400,000.

Phase one requires an 8% profit with, daily drawdown up to 5%, overall drawdown up to 10%. There are also no limits regarding the maximum number of trading days and no minimum trading days.

Phase two involves a 5% profit with similar drawdown conditions. The funded account phase has no specific profit targets, daily drawdown up to 5%, overall drawdown up to 10%, and no minimum trading days.

Advancement grants a 100% refundable fee, with the first withdrawal possible after 14 days. Subsequent withdrawals can be made every two weeks, and the profit split is 80/20.

Trading overnightYes
Trading during weekendsYes
News tradingYes
EA tradingYes

1 – Phase Evaluation

The 1 – Phase Evaluation of prop trading challenge involves phase to qualify for a funded account. Investors can choose between Euro, Dollar, and Pound denominations with six account sizes. The maximum total funds available is $400,000.

Phase one requires an 10% profit within 30 days of the first trade, with daily drawdown up to 3%, overall drawdown up to 6%. The minimum number of trading days is 5.

Advancement grants a 100% refundable fee, with the first withdrawal possible after 14 days. Subsequent withdrawals can be made every two weeks, and the profit split is 80/20.

Trading overnightYes
Trading during weekendsYes
Trading during economic eventsYes
EA tradingYes

Scaling Plan

Rate: 3.0

The True Forex Funds Platform offers a unique Scale Up program, enabling clients to gradually enhance their account balance every three months, up to a ceiling of 2.5 million USD. To be eligible for this feature, investors must fulfill certain conditions:

  • Attain a minimum 8% total profit in their funded account within a span of 90 days.
  • Complete a minimum of three successful withdrawals to be considered for this scale-up option.

Once these criteria are met, the platform automatically upgrades the investor’s account, permitting a 25% increase in account balance every quarter. Additionally, it’s important to note that with each account upgrade, the loss limits are recalibrated to match the increased deposit amount.

Challenge Fees

Rate: 3.8

Comparison of Direct Challenge Costs

We compare the direct costs of participating in the challenge offered by TrueForexFunds – 2 Phase Evaluation with the average market costs. This analysis enables understanding of how True Forex Funds fares against its competitors in terms of pricing. The costs for the challenge at True Forex Funds for the 2 Phase Evaluation are mostly like the market average.

*The costs in the table have been converted from euros to dollars for normalization purposes.

*The price includes a discount available on the website.

Challenge SizeMarket Average PriceChallenge PriceDifference
10 000$108$96$*-12$
25 000$209$205$*-4$
50 000$310$324$*+14$
100 000$515$540$*+25$
200 000$969$1 081$*+112$

Comparison of Costs Relative to Drawdown

It is important to note that the size of drawdown has a significant impact on what we actually receive for the money spent. The 2 Phase Evaluation has a drawdown at the level of 10%. Therefore, we additionally compare how much drawdown we receive in relation to the dollar spent.

Challenge SizeMarket Average Price [Drawdown$/$]Challenge Price [Drawdown$/$]Difference [Drawdown$/$]
10 000$8,610,4+1,8
25 000$11,412,2+0,8
50 000$15,415,40
100 000$18,518,50
200 000$20,418,5-1,9

Evaluation of the Cost-Effectiveness of the True Forex Funds Account Challenge

Based on the above data, as well as algorithms we have developed, we assess the cost-effectiveness of purchasing the 2 Phase Evaluation as good compared to the market average. It’s worth mentioning that the final assessment is also influenced by profit target at the level of 8%.






Spot Indices









UX Rating

Rate: 4.3

TrueForexFunds website offers a notably positive UX experience, clearly outlining its services and the prop trading concept. The registration and challenge purchase processes are straightforward, user-friendly, and guide users seamlessly. The website operates smoothly with minimal loading times, and the well-designed dashboard facilitates easy navigation and access to essential information. 

However, the overall dark design could impact text readability and cause eye strain for some users. Improving text readability and balancing the visual elements would greatly enhance the overall UX. Incorporating more customizable visual settings could offer users the flexibility to adjust the interface according to their preferences, thereby catering to a wider audience.

Trading Conditions

True Forex Funds does not disclose its liquidity providers. The firm’s strategy emphasizes offering spreads as low as 0.0 pips, enabled by these partnerships with tier-1 liquidity providers. TFF doesn’t disclose comprehensive details about its liquidity providers but assures collaboration only with well-regarded entities.

In terms of trading platform, True Forex Funds offers its services on cTrader and Match-Trader.

Regarding leverage, True Forex Funds provides a variety of fixed leverage options tailored for different types of trading assets. The leverage ratios available are as follows:

  • For Forex, Metals, Energies, and Indices: 1:100
  • For Stocks: 1:10
  • For Cryptocurrencies: 1:5

Deposits and Withdrawals


For the True Forex Funds Challenge, you can pay via bank transfer, debit/credit card or cryptocurrencies. True Forex Funds accepts MasterCard, Visa and cryptocurrencies like:

USD Coin

Due to regulatory reasons, bank transfers are not available for payments/withdrawals in Iran, Syria, North Korea.


True Forex Funds has a system where traders get paid every two weeks, even on weekends. This starts when a trader first uses their funded account, and they’re informed about payments by email. Traders keep 80% of their profits, with the rest going to cover the company’s costs. The process for traders to withdraw their earnings is designed to be simple and straightforward.

The main ways to get paid are through cryptocurrencies (specifically USDT ERC20) and Advcash, ensuring safe and quick transactions. Advcash allows various withdrawal methods like bank transfer, VISA/MasterCard, their own card, or crypto. Traders just need their Advcash email. In the US and UK, where Advcash isn’t available, True Forex Funds offers bank transfers and crypto payments.

The company values transparency, so there are no hidden fees for withdrawals – traders get the full amount they’ve earned.

It is worth mentioning that True Forex Funds has good reviews regarding payments and withdrawals. There are occasional individual dissatisfaction reviews.


True Forex Funds provides round-the-clock customer support from Monday to Friday through email and live chat. Below is a list of available channels:

Email Support

Clients can contact True Forex Funds using email. The support responses are substantive. The company responds quickly to emails. The average response time in this form of communication is 15 minutes. Thus, the waiting time is about 10 minutes longer than in a live chat conversation.

Live Chat Support

True Forex Funds offers the option of contacting through live chat on their official website. It’s a quick and efficient way to get help from their support team. The average waiting time to start a conversation is 2-3 minutes, depending on the time of day and traffic intensity. The responses are substantive. It is the fastest form of support and resolution of any problems that may arise.

Social Media and Communication

True Forex Funds actively maintains a social media presence on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and X, as well as on Discord and YouTube.


On Instagram, FacebookX, they share company news, promotions, and various announcements, with the information being the same across these platforms. 

YouTube channel presents interviews with successful traders, which can be a valuable source of information. There are also video materials on trading strategies and videos related to trader psychology. 

Discord provides support where you can directly contact the support team. There is also a chat with messages available. Additionally, there is a community chat where traders communicate with each other and share their trading ideas. In these chats, you can find reviews and screenshots related to payouts from True Forex Funds. 

Engagement rate in social media:

PlatformFollowersEngagement Rate

Client Reviews Summary

Rate: 4.4

Review platformRatingNumber of reviews

True Forex Funds (TFF) has an overall score of 4.4 out of 5, indicating a generally positive reception among its users. The TFF’s approach to responding to ~50% of negative reviews also reflects a level of engagement with customer feedback. The following points synthesize the key insights from both positive and negative reviews:

Positive Aspects:

  • Customer Support: Many traders commend TFF for good customer service, noting responsiveness and effectiveness in addressing issues.
  • Payout Process: The reliability of payouts is appreciated, despite occasional delays. The option to use crypto for quicker payouts is also noted.
  • Trading Conditions: Traders appreciate the low spreads on various pairs and the overall trading environment provided by TFF.
  • Challenge Models: The challenge models, including the One Step Challenge, are seen as innovative and trader-friendly.
  • Trading Platform and Execution: While there are some complaints, many traders find the trading platforms suitable and appreciate the execution speed.

Negative Aspects:

  • Allegations of Scamming: Some traders accuse TFF of fraudulent activities, particularly relating to account closures and withholding profits.
  • Issues with Trade Execution: Complaints about delayed execution and latency issues are raised, affecting the trading experience negatively.
  • Spread Manipulation and High Commissions: There are concerns about spread manipulation and high commissions, which some traders feel are unfair.
  • Account Management: Sudden account suspensions or bans without satisfactory explanations are a common complaint.

Withdrawal and Payout Issues: Delays in payouts and issues with withdrawing profits are highlighted as significant concerns.


True Forex Funds is a company founded in 2021. It offers both two-stage and one-stage challenges with very advantageous rules. Thanks to this, True Forex Funds can meet most of the clients expectations regarding the prop trading market.

The number of reviews on Trustpilot is about 2600, with an average rating of 4.4, confirming the credibility of True Forex Funds and its position as a leading prop trading firm. The website is user-friendly, ensuring positive experiences when purchasing challenges or checking necessary information. True Forex Funds also deserves recognition for its low spread.

Among the weaker aspects of the company are an average scaling plan and high costs of purchasing challenges.

In conclusion, True Forex Funds is a recommendable and cooperative company. Over the years, it has proven its position in the prop trading market and now enjoys the trust of traders.