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Goat Funded Trader Brings Back MetaTrader 4 After Four-Month Break

Goat Funded Trader (GFT) has reintroduced the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform after a four-month break, thanks to their own in-house technology. This marks a major step for the company, showing their dedication to offering strong trading solutions. Along with bringing back MT4, GFT has also launched a newly revamped website, highlighting a fresh update to their online presence.

MetaTrader 4 Returns to Goat Funded Trader

GFT was among several firms that lost access to MetaQuotes’ trading platforms in February 2024 due to licensing issues. The disruption impacted many prop trading entities that relied on Purple Trading’s gray-labeled MetaTrader license, including Funded Engineer, AquaFunded, and The Funded Trader.

MetaQuotes’ crackdown on proprietary trading resulted in these firms scrambling for alternative platforms. However, none quite matched the widespread popularity and user-friendly interface of MT4 and MT5, leaving a noticeable void in the trading operations of GFT and its peers.

In a recent announcement on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), GFT confirmed that it had resolved its licensing issues. Leveraging its in-house technological innovations, GFT has now reinstated MT4 for its clients.

New and Improved Website

Alongside the return of MT4, GFT has launched a newly designed website. This refreshed digital interface aims to enhance user experience with improved navigation, updated features, and a modern look. The website overhaul is part of GFT’s broader strategy to align its digital assets with its innovative trading solutions.


Goat Funded Trader’s return to MetaTrader 4 after a four-month break showcases their resilience and innovation. By tackling licensing issues and launching a fresh website, GFT shows their strong commitment to providing top-notch trading experiences. As the prop world keeps changing, GFT’s adaptable approach will likely set a high standard for others in the industry.