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We are excited to announce a special opportunity for all traders. In our continuous effort to empower the trading community, we offer an exclusive 10% discount on every FunderPro challenge. It’s a chance you simply can’t afford to miss!

FunderPro is a prop trading firm based in Malta with the goal to find talented traders and fund them with large trading capital. Now, FunderPro officially joins fxprop forces! This partnership marks a significant step in our mission to expand access to exceptional trading opportunities and resources.

Here’s how to grab 10% off every FunderPro challenge!

How to Get a 10% Promo Code for FunderPro?

Unlock the 10% discount on every challenge available at the FunderPro website with our exclusive promo code: [FXPROP]. This offer has no time limit, ensuring you can benefit from the savings whenever you choose. 

To take advantage of the discount, select your desired evaluation program and enter the provided promo code: [FXPROP] during the checkout. Entering the code will instantly apply the 10% discount to your purchase, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of FunderPro challenges at a reduced cost.

About FunderPro

FunderPro is a prop trading firm established in 2023 and dedicated to helping traders reach their goals through the evaluation process. FunderPro provides traders with an option to manage funds up to $200K, but traders can manage a total of $5 million in capital, which, of course, can be acquired by participating in their scaling plan. At the heart of FunderPro offering is a choice between one or two-phase challenges: Fast Track (1-phase), Regular (2-phase) and Swing (2-phase).

For more details about FunderPro’s offerings, including specific challenge requirements, profit targets, and risk management rules, we encourage you to visit their website.