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FundedNext Announces Major Updates: Acquiring Broker License and Server Migration

The Prop Trading company FundedNext recently announced entering a new, exciting era of its operations. The platform is introducing key changes aimed at strengthening its market position and enhancing the trading experiences of its clients. What changes are being discussed?

FundedNext has obtained a license as a regulated broker. The changes in the company’s structure are part of its long-term strategy and are intended to strengthen the firm’s sustainable development.

Migration of MT4 & MT5 Servers

The changes at FundedNext include server migration for MT4 and MT5 platform users to improve their trading experiences. The company has detailed the process of the upcoming server migration for MT4 and MT5 platform users in an official statement.

Information For MT4 & MT5 Users

As part of the update, the system will automatically log users out of their accounts. This procedure is part of the system improvement plan and will require re-logging in, selecting the appropriate server named “FundedNext – Server” for FundedNext accounts and “FundedNext – Demo” for FundedNext challenge accounts.

For MT5 platform users, the company assured that their trading experiences would remain unchanged. In the future, users will have the option to choose between “FundedNext” and “GrowthNext” when creating new accounts.

FundedNext have scheduled the official server migration process for January 13, 2024.

What Does Obtaining a Brokerage License Mean for Company’s Clients?

FundedNext obtaining a license as a regulated broker represents a significant step towards strengthening the trust and security of its clients. The license guarantees that the company’s operations comply with established regulatory standards, enhancing the transparency and reliability of brokerage operations.

For clients, this adds an extra layer of protection to their investments and ensures fair and professional transaction conduct. Moreover, the regulated broker status can increase access to more competitive markets and financial instruments, offering FundedNext clients broader trading opportunities.

About FundedNext

FundedNext is one of the leading Prop Trading firms in the market. Founded to support traders, the company stands out with a profit-sharing program offering a 15% share from the challenge phase, as well as no time limits in achieving profit targets.

The company allows traders to trade freely with intelligent drawdown calculation. It offers competitive conditions, such as raw spreads, minimal commissions, and various types of challenges with the possibility of achieving up to a 95% share in profits. The firm’s commitments also include a guarantee of payouts within 24 hours.