Annual Awards

Winners in the Annual fxprop Awards are the best prop firms that truly stand out as best performers in our carefully selected Awards Categories.

The results stem from a detailed review of our evaluation methods, combined with the latest and most comprehensive reviews of these firms.

complete 3 key steps to achieve the award

Awards process

STEP 0 1
01.02.2024 - 14.03.2024
Nomination Stage

During this period, you can add your preferred companies to the list of nominees. To nominate your best prop firms, navigate to the designated section beneath the categories and fill out the form. This process is crucial as it determines the pool of potential awardees. Our team will meticulously review all nominations. If a company meets the essential criteria for eligibility, it will be added to the nomination list. For a comprehensive understanding of these criteria and the nomination process, refer to the detailed guidelines in the nomination form.

STEP 0 2
14.03.2024 - 28.03.2024
Analysis and Voting

In 6 out of 7 categories, we base the distinctions on a comprehensive evaluation of numerous factors relevant to the nominated best prop firms. Our thorough analysis covers several hundred parameters, guaranteeing a fair and all-encompassing assessment. Additionally, there’s a distinctive category: the Best Community Prop Award. We grant this award to the company with the most engaged community, which submits the most unique votes via the fxprop website.

STEP 0 3
28.03.2024 - 01.04.2024
Winners Announcement

This final step occurs within two weeks following the conclusion of the voting process. During this period, our team engages in a detailed analysis of the voting outcomes to make informed decisions about the award recipients. The objective is to identify and honor the best prop firms that deserve the esteemed fxprop 2024 distinctions. In addition to announcing the overall winners, we will also publish detailed results about the voting for the Best Community Prop category.

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Best Props Categories

Dive into the specialities that set traders apart

Prop Of The Year

A prestigious award for the best prop firm exemplifying outstanding performance and leadership, setting the gold standard in the prop trading sector.

Top Reviewed Prop

Acknowledges the prop firm that has garnered the most favorable reviews, demonstrating strong user satisfaction and approval across the trading community.

Best Community Prop

Recognizes the best prop firm that has acquired the most supportive, active, and engaged trading community, fostering a strong sense of connection and collaboration.

Best Fees Prop

Award granted to the best prop firm with the industry's most competitive and trader-oriented fee structure, setting a benchmark for cost-effectiveness.

Best Newcomer

Recognizes a new prop trading firm that stands out for its innovative approaches and significant market impact, heralding a promising future.

Best Support Prop

Award presented to the best prop firm that surpasses others in delivering exceptional support and assistance to traders, demonstrating an unparalleled commitment to customer care.

Best UX Prop

Recognizes the best prop firm offering an exceptionally intuitive, user-friendly, and engaging platform, enhancing traders interactions and experiences.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I nominate a company for the fxprop Awards?

To nominate a company for the fxprop Awards, click the nomination button available on our awards-dedicated page, which will redirect you to a special nomination form. The form will be available from 01.02.2024 to 14.03.2024. In the form, we ask you to provide the name of the prop-trading company and a justification for the nomination, highlighting why the firm deserves recognition in a particular category. All nominations are carefully analyzed by us to ensure they meet our qualifying criteria.

What does the Best Community Prop award in the fxprop Awards mean?

The Best Community Prop award in the fxprop Awards is given to the prop-trading company that receives the most votes from the community. This process is entirely dependent on the number of votes cast by users on our fxprop website. The company that gets the most votes in the 2-week voting window from 14.03.2024 to 28.03.2024 will be declared the winner in this category. We encourage all users to actively participate in the voting and help decide the best prop-trading community.

What benefits do winning companies get in the fxprop Awards?

Winning companies in the fxprop Awards receive several significant benefits, including a physical trophy for each category winner. In addition to this prestigious award, they are presented with a badge, symbolizing their excellence and achievement. This badge serves as an official recognition of their high standards and outstanding performance in the prop-trading sector. Beyond the badge, winners are given special distinctions on the fxprop website, which highlight and showcase their victory. These special markings not only enhance their visibility on our platform but also affirm their status as top-tier firms in the prop-trading community. The receipt of a physical trophy further elevates the prestige of the award, providing a tangible symbol of their success and excellence. This recognition, both online and through the trophy, serves as a testament to their quality and can significantly contribute to their reputation and prestige in the industry.